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Community Coaching Event

Tired of the water situation?  Frustrated and unable to make a decision?

RAMJO has partnered with a private coaching company, Team Resilience, to create a Community Coaching Program designed specifically for empowering a whole community. The program will focus on individual coaching of each attendee to design a roadmap for their individual circumstance, whether it relate to water, finance, farming, health, relationships or all of the above. Held over a two days, this program is the first of its kind and aims to coach community members into getting the best out of difficult situations and creating a clear life path during times of uncertainty.

Made possible by the Empowering Our Communities grant from the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network, those in Deniliquin and surrounding communities will be the first to benefit from this entire Community Coaching Program. The program is designed for anyone to attend, and it is intended for all who wish to gain a new set of life skills to create permanent change in their current circumstances.  This is not another series of presentations or speakers, this event will include a community of people collectively finding their way forward through life’s obstacles.

Led by a team of highly qualified coaches, and supported by well-trusted locals who have been nominated to be trained and operate as a Community Coach, the Program will deliver a personal breakthrough for those who have wrestled in an environment where the future of water, farming and finances remains uncertain.

The first stage of the Community Coaching Program kicks off on 21st – 22nd November at the Deniliquin RSL, with a second component following early 2020.

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All Council areas in RAMJO have been declared as “drought affected”. This means that individuals, farms and businesses who are experiencing hardship may be able to access support packages, such as the Farm Household Allowance (FHA).

FHA is not only an opportunity to assist individuals and families, but it is also an opportunity to inject funds back into your local community, and to support local businesses and jobs. For more information, please visit one of the sites below: