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Biodiversity Conservation

What is the Biodiversity Offset Scheme?
The Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS) applies to development and activity that will impact threatened species, endangered ecological communities, or their habitats. These impacts are regulated under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (NSW).

Our Region
As with several other projects, RAMJO (then RAMROC) partnered with REROC (Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils) to engage a Regional Biodiversity Officer to assist Councils with the changes which were occurring in the biodiversity space. This project ran from 2018 to 2020 and was called the Biodiversity Reform Capacity Building Project. The project focussed on providing training, tools and a helpdesk for Councils to navigate the changes and manage risks.
Regularly updated and comprehensive information about the scheme can be found on the REROC website https://reroc.com.au/biodiversity

Biodiversity Conservation and Environment New South Wales
The Environment, Energy and Science Group is part of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme creates a transparent, consistent and scientifically based approach to biodiversity assessment and offsetting for development that is likely to have a significant impact on biodiversity. For detailed information or if you are developer, land holder, accredited assessor, broker or local government organisation please visit: Biodiversity Offsets Scheme
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