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Joint Organisation Net Zero Acceleration

The Joint Organisation Net Zero Acceleration grant program is to employ a dedicated in-house staff member for twelve months. This additional staff member will help to drive drive progress toward the recommendations of the RAMJO Regional Energy Strategy, and help achieve net zero outcomes.

In November 2022 the RAMJO Board adopted the RAMJO Regional Energy Strategy.  The JONZA project is a capacity building project based on the recommendations of the Regional Energy Strategy. The focus is to assist member councils accelerate activities which will:

  • reduce the emissions of the participating Councils,
  • increase efficiencies, and
  • assist the NSW Government to meet the goals outlined in its Net Zero policies and strategies.

The RAMJO Energy and Sustainability Project Manager is working with member councils on projects such as:

  • Switching electricity contracts to achieve savings.
  • Reviewing tariffs
  • Identifying potential regional procurement opportunities
  • Increasing understanding and capacity about energy provision and data
  • Increasing the proportion of smart meters to improve data collection and reduce staff time
  • Setting up processes to allow councils to engage in a joint Energy Supply Agreement to allow more certainty over energy costs over time.
  • Working towards a transport strategy
  • Examining opportunities for mid-scale solar for interested councils.

The project is also working to build capacity and share resources across other Joint Organisations across NSW.  This includes identifying tools and processes and training opportunities that can be used by RAMJO councils.

If you would like further information about the project components or how you can be involved, please contact Yvonne Lingua at  yvonne.lingua@ramjo.nsw.gov.au.