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ONE Basin CRC Partnership

RAMJO is a non-research partner to the ONE Basin Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid, which brings together communities, industry and researchers to manage climate, water and environmental risks in the Murray-Darling Basin.

The ONE Basin CRC is a focused collaboration using information to develop policy, technical and financial solutions on these issues.

RAMJO, in joining as a Tier 3/non-financial partner, will be a link for ONE Basin CRC to researchers, farmers and community groups through its local councils, and this partnership forms part of Recommendation 8 in RAMJO’s Water Position Paper for collaboration on agricultural investment and research.

Both groups work with the agricultural industry, community and other relevant stakeholders on issues like water trading and better farm water management practices and supporting them to manage and adapt with changing global drivers.

The ONE Basin CRC has six core objectives:

  • Deliver the capacity for communities, government and industries to respond to emerging climate, water and related changes in business and planning decisions;
  • Build collaborations to tackle the emerging Basin management opportunities and risks;
  • Develop engineering and digital water infrastructure solutions that contribute to a resilient Basin;
  • Train the future leaders across Basin businesses, communities and governments;
  • Enable adaptation by farm enterprises and rural communities to global trends and drivers;
  • Establish a strong regionally based innovation system supporting an entrepreneurial outlook by regional communities and businesses.
  • Finding ways to improve agricultural productivity through diversification, innovation and reduced reliance on water-thirsty crops is just one of the key issues identified as a high priority for ONE Basin CRC and RAMJO.

For more information on the ONE Basin CRC programs visit www.onebasin.com.au

and the One Basin CRC Newsletter: https://onebasin.com.au/news-and-events