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RAMJO Water Security

RAMJO has taken a collaborative approach to advocating for equity, affordability and sustainability in Australia’s changing environment as it relates to water management in the Murray-Darling Basin.

With support of Member Councils, the RAMJO Water Security Sub-Committee have worked together to produce a regional Water Position Paper.

The intent of developing this Position Paper was to establish regional leadership, collaboration and advocacy for our communities. The evidence-based positions and recommendations in this paper come with significant consideration and negotiation between all Member Councils to find common ground from which to advocate.

The Joint Organisation would like to communicate the following key messages relating to the document:

  • We recognise and support those industries in our communities who are the backbone of our region, and we wish to see them thrive into the future. We also recognise that the changing environment necessitates adaptive and innovative approaches in agriculture to ensure that prosperity.
  • We respect that national coordination of the Murray Darling Basin as a lifeline is not a simple task, and that the environmental health of the river and the surrounding ecosystems remain a priority.

RAMJO continues to engage with Ministers, Government Departments, tertiary institutions, industry and community organisations to provide input into solutions and reviews of water management as it relates to the Murray-Darling Basin, particularly the unique factors that relate to our communities.

Ultimately, RAMJO is a non-research partner to the ONE Basin Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) bid, which brings together communities, industry and researchers to manage climate, water and environmental risks in the Murray-Darling Basin. This partnership forms part of Recommendation 8 in RAMJO’s Water Position Paper for collaboration on agricultural investment and research.

View RAMJO’s Water Position Paper here: